This is an awesome side dish recipe. It is the kind of dish that keeps on giving because honestly I eat it as a whole meal any day I don’t feel like cooking as well as serve it up as a side dish . It is quite satisfying and can be varied many ways, depending on your taste.

It does go great with everything, no matter what plans you have for this meal.

This is the basic recipe, feel free to adapt it with whatever you chose. Be sure to share your ideas with me! I want to know how they turned out.

I love egg fried rice. It is a filling meal in one bowl and you can make it healthy and nutritious.  This is what I like to do when I serve it up as a side dish to make sure my son gets some goodness inside him because he is of the opinion that he is just fine the way that he is and why should he eat things that don’t taste good (like any vegetable) as it doesn’t seem to make any difference in his life!

On that note, I like to make this side dish with edamame beans but I battle to find them. Edamame are full of everything good. I wish I knew where I could get them regularly here in South Africa.

I like to make my egg fried rice with brown and wild rice but you can use any long grain rice. The rices, like Arborio or sushi rice, don’t work well with this kind of recipe.

Author: Debbie Widdows

Prep time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 40 mins


Cooked rice of your choice. Here I used brown and wild rice. Use at least 2 cups but you can discern how much you want to use. You can also use less of the ingredients reflected below if you want to make less. I make enough so that I have left overs!

Vegetables of your choice. I used peas and corn. Use finely chopped vegetables as then they will cook evenly. The ones I used here are frozen and I cooked them directly from frozen. You can use fresh vegetables.

Green pepper.


2 eggs.

2 lean, boneless chicken breasts or cooked chicken.

2 small apples. I used apples as I had them but I have often used fresh pineapple chunks. If you are going to use apple then make sure that you squeeze over some lemon juice to stop them turning brown.


Cook your rice.

Cook and brown your chicken breasts your favourite way. I like mine spicy so I fry them in a bit of butter with Portuguese spice.


Set aside.

Chop up your bacon and fry until crispy. Then leave to drain.


Chop (diced) up the bell pepper and fry in the same pan in the bacon fat. Turn the heat down on the stove as you are going to continue to use the same pan you started with and cook everything else in the bacon fat. You should do this on a medium-low setting on the stove such as 2.




Add in the vegetables. If they are fresh fry them until they are cooked or pre-cook them in the microwave so that they are not so ‘crunchy’. When you are doing this, you will still be using the residual heat from cooking the bacon.




Crack open your two eggs in a separate bowl.




Throw them in the pan. Agitate the vegetables and cook the eggs evenly.

Add in the bacon and mix together.




Add your rice to the pan.

Mix to combine.




Cut your cooked chicken breasts up into bite sized chunks and add this into the pan. Mix well to combine.





Chop up your apples. Squeeze over about half a lemon to stop them turning brown. Add these to the pan and mix well to combine.




Now you are ready to serve up. Everything should be nicely warm!




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