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My daughter arrived in Hong Kong yesterday. She immigrated from South Africa and we are all left behind. Whilst I am so happy for her to have this opportunity I feel sad too. 

She asked me to make a her a cake for her going away party. A gluten-free one of course. She wanted black icing – eeek – always difficult – and a multi-coloured cake. 

So here is what I produced. I did not decorate the cake. Her friends did that but I made the whole thing and the icing. Here is the recipe .


The gluten free cake was my tried and trusted recipe which I have posted on here before. I have also posted this on recipe lion. All I did when I made each cake was add a few drops of the desired colouring. For this I used liquid colouring. I baked standard sized cakes the usual way and then smaller ones to fit on top which I baked for only 25 minutes.


500 g butter, room temperature – I used salted

1 kg icing sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

5 x 5g black powdered food colouring


Soften the butter with an electric mixer.  It is best to do this with a free standing mixer.

Add the icing sugar a cup at a time and keep beating. Keep tasting. I find this ratio to be the best for my taste but it is not very sweet. You can add in less or more icing sugar to your own taste.

When the icing tastes as you like it add in the powdered food colouring. I did not make it into a paste first. I merely added in the tubs one at a time. The icing will come out a dark grey. This is a messy endeavour I must admit. Just make sure you clean up straight away. You will find that when you leave the icing alone the colour starts to darken and in the end it goes black.

When I had finished colouring the icing, I put it in some disposable containers and put it in the fridge to firm up as after all that mixing it was pretty warm and soft. I took it out of the fridge for about half an hour before the cake was iced.




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