My followers will know that I have been doing the boot camp thing and trying to lose weight. Boot camp is hard! I have to change my eating habits as well. When I was doing just boot camp I did not lose any weight. I was going twice a week. I did not really adapt my eating though – I find that difficult .

One fine day I came across some people who were at the same place I was. I saw they had a Herbalife branded car and went to investigate. I asked them, “If I had to ask you whether or not you supplied gluten-free products what would you say?” To my surprise they said yes!  and here I am on my 6th week of Herbalife free from gluten and loving it! .

Boot camp was not only difficult, it was also expensive AND I was going on the cold winter evenings – what dedication is that!! .  I must admit I began to complain.  The Herbalife sponsors said they do a boot camp of their own too and guess what?? It’s free AND it’s during the day at a decent hour. So I migrated and felt better about everything.

I was more energized, happier and I got loads of information about eating right from attending the boot camp sessions. It’s all about the protein! I also got to taste some of the products which I fell in love with too  and am now on the whole regime of tea and aloe concentrate as well.  I also belong to the WhatsApp groups which give me lots of ideas of how to make my shakes extra yummy.

After being on Herbalife for 3 weeks and doing bootcamp twice a week I lost 1.9 Kilos. Now I have been on Herbalife 6 weeks and have lost another 1kg. I don’t think that is too bad. I did nothing to change my eating habits except drink the shake for breakfast and later on for lunch too. I drink the tea twice a day and I put a little aloe concentrate in that too. I add it to my water as well.

I found that I did not want to eat anything close to what I normally did. I was contented, full and did not crave anything. I snack twice a day and I don’t really eat much for supper. I don’t find myself thinking about food, or preoccupied by it.

This is the recipe for my favourite breakfast smoothie.




1 tablespoon dried cranberry and raisin mix

1 teaspoon pomegranate seeds

1 cup strawberries – I used frozen

1 banana – frozen

1 apple with skin on

1 teaspoon mixed seeds

Lots of ice

Herbalife shake –  I make mine with 100 ml lactose free milk and 150 ml water


All I did was whiz the whole lot up with my Herbalife free from gluten vanilla shake in the food processor.

It made a much bigger shake and I just sipped on it during the morning.


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