What better way to celebrate Father’s day than with a braai!  Dad will even do it himself and he will love it. What is it about ‘man make fire???’  Braai’s are a wonderful, relaxing and satisfying way to spend a day. I don’t know about you but if I spend a Sunday outside or at the pool braaiing, I find it easier to face the week ahead. I feel as if I have been on a weekend getaway. FYI I checked on accuweather about the weather on 18 June and the forecast is sunny! . Kindly note that I cannot take responsibility for the accuracy of the weather but it says that there is no cloud in sight the whole day. Remember your sun block!!

I comment on recipes for a website called Recipe Lion and Fave Gluten Free Recipes under the username FoodLover where I submitted this recipe. Check it out and more lekker grilling recipes, especially gluten free ones!

I must say that this year, if I am already thinking about Father’s day, I am quite organised. Usually I leave everything till the last minute. Maybe that’s because my father passed away many years ago but my kid’s still have their dad to take care of! So if you have left everything till the last minute I have some remedies for you! I will be posting a recipe for the best fudge ever. We call it Father’s Chunky Fudge because he loves it so much. You can make it with your kids. Or if your kids are old enough you can let them make it on their own. My son is at the age he can make it on his own. His father gets this for father’s day every year. I wonder if he minds??  If he does and you want to get something special have you seen what you can get at Netflorist?


Netflorist have these cool ‘Man Crates and Bro-buckets’. I would get the Castle Braai Bro Bucket.  It comes with chips, dry wors, braai marinade, braai spice and beer! A perfect accompaniment for the chargrilled steak braai I’m telling you about below.  A big plus with Netflorist is that you can get same day delivery so you can do this at the last minute! . I have used them before for many things, including birthdays.

Have you ever been at work and received that Facebook reminder that it is someone’s birthday? I thanked Netflorist then! I poppped on-line, ordered something and in my fluster got the house number wrong! The poor delivery person went to the wrong house. When they called me I could not, for the life of me, remember the house number and so they kindly went looking for my friend and the found her too! We laugh so much about that now. Where else do you get customer service like that?

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There is nothing better on a braai than steak. Steak is meant to be cooked on a grill. It adds to the flavour. I think it is a waste to cook steak on the stove.  I’m talking proper rump, sirloin or rib eye steaks. The best way to eat steak is flame grilled! Cooked on a proper coal and wood fire.

Flame grilling your steak will give it that blackened look and taste on the outside but the steak is cooked perfectly to medium rare and still red and moist on the inside. Cooking it this way also ensures that you don’t have blood all over your plate as it is actually under cooked then and not medium rare!

Steak is expensive and you don’t want to spoil it. Don’t do anything to it. Leave it alone. You don’t need any marinade.  If you marinade the steak it will turn black. You just need a few spices, or maybe a rub, but  you can chose the spices you prefer, and some olive oil.

FYI……you need a braai buddy (or father ) when you cook these!  It takes an expert.

Now that’s what I call flame grilled. This only happens for a second.


A good ol’ steak. Chose a choice piece of meat. Rump works the best. T-bones would be good too. Cook a piece which is at least 1 cm thick.

Spices of your choice. I like Worcestershire spice (dried spice, not the sauce) or use the Castle Braai Series spice you get in your Bro Bucket!

Olive oil


Get your braai buddy (dad) to make a fire. Sorry I can’t help you with that one. If you need to know how to make a fire then click here: You need braai buddies anyway as who braais alone? Shame . Perhaps dad wants to watch TV and not braai! Then you have to do it yourself. Now that would a surprise for him! 

Put the steak into a dish and drizzle over olive oil. Put in quite a bit as you are going to throw some of it over the fire. This stops the steak sticking to the grid as well and creates the flame you need.

Sprinkle over your spices and you’re good to go! 


Sprinkle a little olive oil over the grid and place the steak on top.

Pour the olive oil which is left over in the dish over the steak and grill and be careful! FYI  make sure at this stage that  you have not consumed too much alcohol and you have a false sense of courage! You do not want to singe off your eyebrows!

Leave to cook on the braai for about 7 minutes. If you feel like it you can turn the steak over and do the flame grill exercise again for fun.

And there you have it. A perfect steak.  You can now cook your chicken or lamb chops as the coals will be cooler. You can do the flame grilling effect with that too. It’s the best way to get the chicken skin nice and crispy!

A great accompaniment to the char grilled steak is mushroom moments. Have a look at this recipe!

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