Making fresh pasta scared me.

My cooking ‘adventures’ began by watching the Naked Chef, Jamie Oliver. Right from his very first television show I was smitten because his recipes were easy, affordable and do-able. Everything of his which I tried to cook turned out well, something which had never happened to me before. I can tell you some stories of having people over for dinner, burning sauce (it was a honey and brandy sauce) on the stove and all of us having to stand outside where we were coughing and spluttering and trying to breath, whilst the flat cleared of smoke and an acrid smell. Maybe one day I will post that story. I am not sure whether to classify that as a good or a bad memory! 

Getting back to Jamie Oliver….we know he makes good pasta. I know his recipes are easy but I have come a long way since ‘Happy days with the Naked Chef’ and not even Jamie’s gluten free pasta recipe is this easy.

I searched high and low and looked at tons of websites looking for a gluten-free pasta recipe but they all contained so many ingredients and were such a process to make, I was about to give up. Then someone I know gave me this recipe. I have submitted it to My Fave Gluten Free Recipes website. They have many more options to chose from as well. Feel free to check them out if you think they are better than this one but I don’t think you will find a better recipe than this one!

As I have said before in previous posts, I would never have attempted this if not out of necessity. You can buy a bag of spaghetti at the supermarket for R10 but the gluten-free pasta costs R30. A whole bag of gluten-free all purpose flour costs R30 which makes way more pasta than one bag of dried pasta. I thought, why not? I have always wanted to try and make my own fresh pasta so this is the time. I really do enjoy cooking and so I embarked on my endeavour.

You do not have like cooking, or even be good at cooking in order to make your  own pasta. I understand your fears and apprehensions because I had them myself but now I wish I hadn’t had them. I have been missing out for years on this wonderful tasting, spectacular creation. I actually can’t wait to have people over for dinner and to declare that I made the pasta they are eating from scratch. It didn’t even take that long. It is definitely an achievable ‘feat’ to make for a dinner party and it would definitely impress your guests. So go ahead, I know you want to!!

Author: Debbie Widdows

Prep time: 30 mins

cooking time: 5-7 mins

Total time: 37 mins


All you need for this recipe is flour and egg. A general rule of thumb to remember when making this pasta is use one egg for every 100 g flour.

Egg sizes differ and you may find that your pasta is dry after adding it. This happened to me. I added in another egg. Then the dough was a bit too wet so what I did was take out the ball of dough and worked in some more flour on the counter top until it had been worked in and the pasta was the right consistency. This was not a lot of trouble and worked well. Don’t worry you have not made a disaster!

100 g all purpose gluten-free four. 

1 egg.

If you want to make more pasta  add in another 100 g flour and another egg. Keep to this ratio the more pasta you want to make. Then follow the tip above.


Place your flour and egg in a food processor and whiz up for about 30 seconds. Don’t add in water if the dough resembles fine bread crumbs as you want a stiff dough structure. Check that you are happy with the consistency (as explained above) and then remove from the food processor onto a floured surface. Knead the dough for 2 to 3 minutes to get the texture right. Remember that you don’t need to knead it too long since there is no gluten to develop.





Divide the ball of pasta into four equal pieces.





Take one piece and roll out. Cover the rest with a wet tea towel.

Roll out into a nice thin dough. I was worried about the fact that I did not have a pasta machine but it was really easy to roll out this dough. It is not a hard dough and not hard work to roll out. Of Course it was easy to make lasagna sheets without a pasta machine. I was not making spaghetti.  Roll it as thin as you can without it breaking up. You can then cut it into the slices you want and keep them under a wet tea towel whilst you make the rest.  You can neaten up the edges. I cooked the off cuts, tossed them in a bit of olive oil and ate them like that. It was delicious. 













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