DO NOT turn your nose up at this!! You will want to eat it. It truly is delicious. I had never thought of adding an egg to an avocado but I saw this recipe on Fave Gluten Free Recipes and decided to try it. If I hadn’t been so starving whilst I was working I may never have tried it. Trolling recipe websites makes me ravenous! (this emoji is Oliver – in case you didn’t know  – You know……’Please Sir, May I have some more!’  .

I made it for a snack but it is great for a breakfast or even a light lunch.

Preheat your oven to 180C.

There is nothing to this recipe. You need a ripe avo and Eggs. I decided to top it off with a few crispy bacon bits but only because I had the bacon and thought ‘why not?’ so that is not necessary but get creative and top it with anything you want. It might go nicely with a some salsa. How about ending it off with your favourite hot sauce? Yum! 

You will end up with more egg than fits into the Avo unless you can find huge avos! (and small eggs )

What I do is I have a cup in my fridge where I collect egg whites (I hate wasting anything and they do last quite some time if you cover them properly. I use glad-wrap). Somehow I always seem to have extra egg whites – I have no idea why??  So I started to collect egg whites and I make meringues from time to time. Meringues are great if you are feeling like something sweet, they are easy to make and relatively fat-free if you don’t count the sugar, but use powdered sweetener! Anyway this is for another post, so look out for that!

I acted as if I was separating the yolk from the white so be ready for this. I kept the yolk in half of the shell and put come of the egg white in my cup and then popped the rest of the egg into the avocado hole. Easy, peasy. Some spilled out into the glass dish. So I rested the avo on the counter and poured that egg white into the cup too. If you are going to do something like this just be sure that the egg white is completely clear and clean as if there is even a hint of something in it you will not be able to make meringue at a later stage.

I also used a glass dish to support the avos as it is a bit tricky to keep them upright to hold an egg. Well, it was not that tricky, you can figure it out! .

Sprinkle with some seeds – I used mixed- and a little Cayenne pepper.

Bake in the oven for 15 – 20 mins. I did not want my yolk hard so I baked them for 15 mins. It was at this time I fried my bacon bits.

This is the result.

   Yum! Yum! Yum! 





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