Love me love my cat

I’m a huge cat lover. I love dogs too but cats are my favourite and I prefer them as pets. They are quite capable of being alone and being left by themselves and that suits me just fine. They are also quiet and very, very cute. Cats are also cuddly and soft and for these reasons I really like them.

We have a cat called Fin. He was my son’s birthday present last year. He is exactly one year old now and he is an absolute delight. There are two things he loves…bags and boxes. He also likes to play with wrappers. You cannot open something covered in plastic without him making a beeline straight for you and he waits until you give him the wrapper. If you take too long (like when you are eating what is in the wrapper) he taps you with his paw because you have to give it to him now.  We are not messy people, we really aren’t but lately you will find wrappers in the most unobtrusive places around the house. We have to clean up quickly before guests arrive to avoid embarrassment. If you come unexpectedly we will let you in but you have to excuse the mess.








Fin doesn’t care how big a box is. If we receive a parcel he will take that box. My son eats oats for breakfast. It contains 10 individual serving sachets.  If you have ever seen these boxes you would not believe that a fully grown cat could fit into it but Fin does. He will find a way. He dives straight into it. I don’t know where he finds the space. Then he goes sliding along the floor in his box. It is too funny.  Here he is in a box which we received when we ordered something online.

He will sit like this quite happily. He likes to be carried around. He will pop his head out if you close the box so we call him ‘cat in the box’.





Now here is a posed picture of how big (or small) the box actually is.

Notice his toys. This is his play area. This is what I mean when I say we have to clean up when people come to visit.

We do have conventional cat toys by the way. The usual things…..balls, cat nip filled mice, bells and feathers but he’d rather play with these things.



Here he is in a bag we came home with after shopping. He loves the paper bags. Obviously we don’t let him play with the plastic bags but he still tries to get in them. We have to be very careful to unpack the shopping right away when we have plastic bags because he investigates each one of them. He is not interested in what is inside. He has never stolen any food. He just wants what is in the bag out and for him to climb in!

Fin truly is such a character and gives us loads of joy.

He is very naughty though and has chewed through cell phone chargers, ear phones and lap top chargers. Hey, does anyone know why cats to this? Or how to stop them doing this? Please leave a comment if you can answer this question for me.











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